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Victorinox Infantry Vintage Mechanical Chronograph Review

Victorinox Infantry-Vintage-Mechanical-Chronograph

While Watch Report has covered a series of Victorinox watches we have yet to review any of their mechanical chronographs and this is an omission we were excited to remedy when Victorinox announced new additions to the Infantry Vintage line. Fortunately, Victorinox was willing to loan us one of their newest models, the Infantry Vintage Mechanical Chronograph. With the exception ... Read More »

Archer Sterling Review


Archer Watches is a tiny independent watch brand located in St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Archer Watches is a one man operation, its staff consisting solely of a watchmaker named Al Jenskey. I had the pleasure of meeting Al at a Timezone dinner this past October and not only did I enjoy the opportunity to see much of the Archer range in ... Read More »

Armida A1 Review


As even a casual reader of Watch Report, you likely know that we have reviewed quite a few of the options and brands in the very popular independent dive watch scene. While we always strive to bring you interesting and original watches many of the offerings in the indie dive watch market are heavily derivative of other brands or they ... Read More »

Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAN2110 Review


In our continued effort to find thin and versatile sport watches we were quite happy to see that the recently refreshed Tag Heuer Aquaracer line up still had a 300m model that retained the classic good looks and modest sizing seen on Tag Heuer’s of the past. With much of the spotlight going to the flashy new 500m Aquaracer models, ... Read More »

Halios Laguna Review


It feels like a long time since we previewed the new Halios Laguna back in January but low and behold it is now available for public consumption and Halios’ third watch is a unique take on the retro diver archetype. You may remember the Holotype and the Bluering that we’ve reviewed in the past and if so you will recall ... Read More »

Citizen Promaster PMX56-2811 Review


There is a saying that goes something like, “If you’re going to buy quartz, you might as well make it a good quartz”. The sentiment is true as you can get an automatic for very little these days, especially when you consider the technology and innovated that is represented by even an entry level mechanical movement. With all the options available to the ... Read More »

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific PVD Review


Magrette watches hail from New Zealand under the direction of a man named Dion. Dion McAsey has been making Magrette watches for a few years and has taken the time develop an interesting brand and a one that has found a home among dive watch collectors thanks to its sporty styling and personal touches. Magrette watches are a mix of ... Read More »

Victorinox Dive Master 500M Review


Victorinox Swiss Army, I have known this brand since I was very young. My Grandmother brought my brothers and I personalized swiss army knives from Victorinox after spending some time in central europe and while I eventually lost that beautiful knife I have another today that is taken out of my desk daily to help with odd jobs. I suppose ... Read More »

Phosphor Appear Review


It is a rare day that a watch comes in that we can easily describe as being “unique” in the manner in which it displays the time. At Watch Report we generally see a lot of 3 handed dive watches, quartz chronographs and multifunctions digitals, none of them being especially unique when it comes to physically pointing out the time. ... Read More »