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Momentum M1 Mini Ladies Watch Review

momentum m1 mini

Today I discuss something not normally seen in a WatchReport hands on review; a ladies watch. But hey, women like watches too, and Momentum makes a very nice classic sized diver in the form of the M1 Mini (amongst a few other ladies watches). With a retail price of $185 on the bracelet (as reviewed), and a around $130 for ... Read More »

Titoni Seascoper Watch Review

Titoni Seascoper

Today I get to share with you a brand that you are probably not familiar with. As a matter of fact, I had never heard of it myself. Which is surprising seeing as the company has been producing watches since 1919. Well, kind of. In 1919 Fritz Schluep started making watches in Grenchen, Switzerland. In 1952, they transitioned officially to ... Read More »

Corniche Heritage 40 – Roquebrune Watch Review

Corniche Heritage 40 - Roquebrune

Corniche Heritage 40 – Roquebrune Today I am extremely excited to discuss another offering from an up and coming watch brand that many may still not be familiar. Corniche Watches is a company based out of Sweden.  The first model produced by the company was the Heritage 40.  They continue to make modifications to the Heritage 40 model with the ... Read More »

Brera Orologi Eterno Chrono II Watch Review

Brera Orologi Eterna Chrono II

Today I take a look at another Brera Orologi Watch. This will be the third watch I have reviewed from Brera Orologi and while they are mostly quartz and quartz chronographs, which I know is not the most preferred choice of movement for the watch enthusiast, Brera makes up for it when it comes to attention to detail and finishing. ... Read More »

Morpheus Fine Watches Master Chef Culinary Watch Review

Morpheus Master Chef Culinary Watch Review

Today I review something a little bit different. Many watches have a theme, such as a dive watch, pilot watch, sailing, yachting, field watch etc, today we look at the Culinary Watch, by Morpheus Fine Watches, or its full name the Master Chef Culinary Watch. Now, while most of the theme or styled watches I spoke of are modeled after ... Read More »

Thomas Earnshaw Admiral ES-8008-01 Watch Review

Thomas Earnshaw Admiral ES-8008-01 watch review

Thomas Earnshaw Admiral ES-8008-01 Watch Review Today, I’d like to share my thoughts about the Admiral model from Thomas Earnshaw Watches. First – a brief tidbit about Thomas Earnshaw.  He was born in 1749 and was an English watchmaker.  He was best known for refining marine chronometer production and making them available to the general public, as well as, refining ... Read More »

Luxmento Navylamp Rescue II Watch Review

Luxmento Navylamp Rescue II watch review

I am always amazed at what you can get these days in the watch world, for an affordable price point. ($300 and under). Of course affordable is subjective to your income, but I think many can agree that 15-20 years ago it was different. Before the internet became huge, and we had watch forums and blogs galore and online retailers, ... Read More »

Glycine Combat Sub Watch Review

glycine combat sub

Sometimes in the watch hobby, (myself included), I think we use the term value incorrectly. Or maybe that “value” is subjective to each individual. Either way, I feel the Glycine Combat Sub is a great value. It might not be ultra affordable, but it definitely has a lot to offer for the price. Many might be familiar with the Glycine ... Read More »