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Stuckx “The Bull” Chronograph Prototype Review

Stuckx Bullhead Chronograph

Stuckx “The Bull” Chronograph Prototype Review Find the Stuckx “The Bull” on KickStarter HERE Its not often we get prototypes in for review, but this time we are fortunate to show you the Stuckx Bullhead Chronograph with the Mecha-Quartz movement. Stephan Trimbos, of Stuckx watches, is a great guy and he started his company out of the passion he has ... Read More »

Tire’d Watch Company Rapide Watch Review

tire'd watch co watch review

When it comes to a watch that is rugged looking and can handle a lot of impact, most people would look to a G-shock. But these days, watch enthusiasts are looking for something a little more “collector” orientated, or one that has many of the things we look for in a more upscale watch, but with that rugged and hard ... Read More »

Jiusko Deep Sea Quartz Chronograph Watch Review

Jiusko Deep Sea Quartz Chronograph

Jiusko Deep Sea Quartz Chronograph  Today I’d like to share my thoughts on a very nice value watch model, the Deep Sea Quartz Chronogragh, offered from Jiusko Watches. The Asian based company has released quite a few bangs for your buck watches, including some automatics using Seiko automatic movements. I will review one of their automatic watches at a later date so ... Read More »

Zinvo Blade Watch Review

Zinvo Blade Watch Review

Now this is a brand I truly had not heard of, and was actually brought up to us on another video review by a YouTube subscriber. So, first things first, shout out to Bonnermanvideos on YouTube for asking us if we were going to be reviewing this model and for bringing it to our attention. With that out of the ... Read More »

Magrette Dual Time Watch Review

Magrette Dual Time Watch Review

I am a big fan of Magrette Watches, and I have been for a long time. I have followed the brand, owned and reviewed many of their watches since their inception, and they always seem to deliver a great watch for a not so large price point. (Magrette does make many limited edition watches, such as hand engraved models and ... Read More »

Blacklist Phantom P2.1 Watch Review

Blacklist Phantom P2.1 Watch Review

“I’ve been blacklisted from Hop Sings!!!!” Wait… What!!?? Well, that is what Elaine’s boyfriend in Seinfeld said to her, when she got him in trouble with his favorite Chinese Restaurant. So, why name a watch brand Blacklist? The owner, Justin, describes it as representative of never backing down, and a symbol to remind you that anything is possible and the ... Read More »

Athaya Vintage Lamafa Watch Review

Athaya Vintage Lamafa watch review

If you are a fan of vintage looking watches, especially a fan of the vintage Seiko 6105-8110 diver, but would rather something a little more modern in terms of materials, then you are probably going to love the Athaya Vintage Lamafa. Athaya is a brand out of Indonesia, and this is their second model. Their first was a Laco Pilot ... Read More »

Hager Watches Commando Professional Watch Review

hager watches commando professional

Hager Watches was founded in 2009 by Pierre Brown, or as he likes to be called, Pete. Their first model was the Commando series, which was a Mil-Sub homage with a Seagull auto and came in around $260. It was a nice enough watch, and a good entry point for the brand. But the Commando Professional series is definitely a step ... Read More »