Friday , 29 July 2016
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Hiking/Outdoors Watch Reviews

Momentum Introduces the Format 4

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Vancouver based Momentum Watches has announced today their new follow up to the Format 2 analog/digital sport watch. The new model, dubbed the Format 4, is larger in size and features a more prominant set of digital screens than the outgoing model (see included comparison).  The dual screens are backlit and enable functions like day/date, five distinct alarms, a chronograph, a countdown …

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Review of the Casio Pathfinder PAG-240


Casio recently updated their mid-range Pathfinder lineup -- the "Solar Triple Sensor" line -- by adding the PAG-240 which sports a series of refinements. The Pathfinder line is famous for melding large LCD screens with navigational and atmospheric data, all in a wrist-top package. The Casio PAG-240 uses a new...

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Review of the Casio Pathfinder PRW-5000-1ER


If there's any one company that continues to innovate, it has to be Casio. Their newest Pathfinder/Protrek, the PRW-5000, takes their kitchen-sink feature list and completely rethinks to design with an emphasis on analog hands. Let's start with the features: Solar powered. Atomic timekeeping, six bands: US, UK, Germany, China,...

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New Casio Pathfinder PAG-110C-3


Announced today is the new Casio Pathfinder, model PAG-110C-3. Emphasis on this one is "Go Green," showcasing the environmentally friendly features of solar power, recycled packaging, and of course the vivid green color, introduced in conjunction with Earth Day. Feature set is typical Pathfinder: Compass. Barometer/altimeter. Thermometer. Five alarms, stopwatch,...

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New Casio Pathfinder PAW-5000-1 in April


As big Pathfinder fans here at WatchReport, we're happy to report that the new PAW-5000-1 will ship this April for $450. Departing somewhat from the dominant style of "mostly digital face", the new model sports a reduced-size digital screen and more dive-watch-style face. Somehow, it works for us. Casio PR...

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Wenger LED Nomad


We're big fans of outdoor and analog-digital watches, and this new Wenger model scratches both itches. It's a men's quartz watch, with an old-school LED digital display beneath the analog hands, adding a compass to the more usual repotoire of functionality. Available on bracelet (model 70436) or red-stitched black silicone...

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Review of the Suunto X10m


Up for review today is the Suunto X10m, an improved version of the X9i I reviewed in 2007. It's a GPS watch with a long list of features that belie its understated appearance: GPS: Routes, waypoints, tracks, speed distance, 1 meter (3ft) resolution. Plan and visualize tracks on a PC...

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New Alpinist models from Seiko in August


Introduced in 1961, the Alpinist line has been Seiko's product for upscale outdoorsmen. Designed for the 'Yamatoko' or 'mountain man,' these are watches for those who hike and climb mountains. Over the years, Seiko has introduced both mechanical and quartz versions, many with compass bezels and usually waterproof to an...

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Casio Protrek PRX-2000T


On April 1 2009, Casio will start selling the newest Protrek model: the PRX-2000T. It's an evolution of the ABC watch (Altimeter/Barometer/Compass) reduced in size and upgraded in terms of build materials. Here are the specs from the translated press release: List price is 99,750 JPY, or about $1,030 US...

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Review of the Suunto Core


At WatchReport, we're big fans of outdoor watches. We've reviewed several Casio Pathfinders, and today we have the Suunto Core Light Green. There are eight Core models, differing in case design and coloration. I chose the Light Green for both functional and aesthetic reasons - it's the lightest of the...

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